Drum Mixers


Drum Mixers

Drum mixers are extremely versatile and were created to be used on a variety of applications on open or closed top vessels. There are two major Drum mixers: a Drum clamp-on mixer and fixed mount models for open or closed tanks. Each Drum mixer comes with its benefits and qualities that are best for certain practices.

For example, Drum clamp-on mixers can be moved easily to different tanks or drums for small batch mixing duties. On the other hand, fixed-mount models can be composed to provide optimal performance that is conditioned to meet your process’s specific needs.

Drum Mixers

Drum electric and pneumatic (air) drives provide a cost-effective solution to those searching for small batch mixing applications. In addition to being cost-effective, Drum mixers are great in scenarios where versatility is a major component of the process.

Gear-driven Drum mixers can be either: clamped on or the cup plate mounted on the tank rim or the mixer can be put on a fitting structure that is over the tank. Due to the vertical and horizontal shaft axis adjustments, the Drum mixer can be used in different sized tanks and to successfully achieve the desired flow patterns in the tank. Having the optimal flow patterns in the tank will help eliminate dead spots and create consistent uniformity and maintain quality.

Features of Drum Mixers

  • Lightweight stainless-steel housing
  • Compact design
  • Electric motors with Integral Electronic Variable Speed Drives
  • Standard electric or pneumatic motors
  • Multi-directional mounting allows for vertical and horizontal adjustments
  • Clamp mounting to help increase stability

Gear Drive

Drum mixers are a great choice for small batch mixing applications where versatility is essential to mix a range of products with different SG and viscosities. Plus, they are available with electric or pneumatic (air) motors.


Drum mixers have a high-efficiency axial flow impeller which is suitable for low to medium viscosity products. There are other impeller types available which include: radial flow, E-200 folding Impellers and E-400 Impellers.

Applications for Drum Mixers

Drum mixers are ideal for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Lime makeup and storage
  • Polyelectrolyte dissolving
  • Adhesive mixing
  • General chemical makeup and storage tanks
  • Paint tinting
  • Dye dissolving
US Mixers - Drum Mixers
US Mixers - Drum Mixers
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