Tote Tank/IBC Mixers


Tote Tank/IBC Mixers

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) is a reusable industrial container used for transporting and storing liquid chemicals, solvents and a variety of other products. IBC Mixers are industrial strength mixers designed to be used with the standard plastic IBC that has a metal frame and screw-on cap. IBCs are often referred to as ‘Tote Tanks’.

US mixers are designed to mix any product that has settled or needs to be resuspended. The ability to re-mix the product gives you the opportunity to store or transport the product as needed without jeopardizing the quality or consistency. Our mixers will thoroughly mix the product and it will return to its desired state.

Our mixers are the perfect choice for mixing your products. Some of the great features an IBC mixer can offer are:

● They are made up of a lightweight stainless-steel bridge mounted onto the IBC frame and secured in place with quick action toggle clamps.
● Each unit comes standard with forklift brackets and a lifting strap.
● Our electric mixer has a prewired overload protection Safety Interlock Switch.
● These mixers are factory wired and fully tested to keep the user safe while operating the mixer.

US Mixers offer a variety of models in different types and sizes optimized for the product you are working with. We have gear driven, fixed speed electric mixer in both single phase and three phase motors. Also available are mixers with variable speed controls.
Pneumatic mixers are also available. This type of motor is ideal for hazardous environments and comes complete with an exhaust muffler and flow control valve. These features enable the speed of the motor to be adjusted.

IBC mixers are very versatile and are often used in a variety of industries and for a variety of liquid products, including but not limited to:

● Paint and varnish
● Dyestuffs and pigments
● Food and beverage
● Inks
● Drilling muds and fluids
● Chemical industries
● Adhesives
● Water treatment chemicals & flocculants
● Cosmetics industry
● Slurries

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Viscosity cP

Mixer Model

Driver Type

1 - 5000


Gear - Electric
Gear - Pnuematic

5000 - 15000


Gear - Electric
Gear - Pnuematic

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